Guaranteed: the Best FTP Client Ever!
Racing Turtle FTP is a next generation FTP client, being designed and created this year by Pmycro Computing (led by Peter Kotwicz) The software contains plenty of features found in no other program while keeping a user friendly and simple interface. Being both freeware and open source, the program is constantly evolving, and therefore will be always at the peek of current technology. It is therefore your responsability to report any bugs you come accross to RacingTurtle software support!

Why not use a web site editor?

  • Web editors generate code twice to triple the size of that entered in a text editor, so pages generated by these usually take longer to load
  • Handling advanced scripts such as javascript and CSS is either impossible or difficult in most web site editors
  • The web layout displayed in a website editor is in most cases not identical to that in an internet browser, and usually isn't displayed properly with different screen resolutions